The Story

Founded by passionate musician and audio engineer, Cameron Worne started Summerhouse Recording Studios with the intention of embracing his musical career and supporting local, aspiring musicians to refine their sound as artists. 

Located east of Nottingham’s City Centre, Summerhouse Recording Studios is a tranquil home studio filled with a range of instruments for you to use at their disposal, such as: vintage acoustic drums, high-end guitars, quality amplifiers and an acoustic piano. We also have a spacious garden free for you to roam around to get the creative juices flowing or take a relaxing break between each recording. 

At Summerhouse Recording Studio, we have housed some incredible talent and are proud to deliver a comfortable recording experience unlike anywhere else. 


With over a decade of experience across the music industry as a multi-instrumentalist, Cameron has many notable achievements; from drumming in multiple bands (Sonderlust, Catmilk), performing at sell-out festivals (Splendour, Dot to Dot, Looe Music), touring with local artists (Jimi Mack), working as a session drummer from musical theatre shows to brass band competitions and even hosting his own radio show.

Since honing in on his skills as a music producer, Cameron has helped direct and shape the sound of rising artists such as Alice Robbins, Sancho Panza, and Callum Urquhart – working collaboratively and with great enthusiasm to bring their visions to life. Cameron continues to embrace every opportunity as a musician turned producer and audio engineer, and it is clear that no stone is left unturned when it comes to his musical ardour. 

  • portrait of cameron worne, owner of summerhouse recording studios


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