Sonderlust is a dreamy alt-rock band based in Nottingham who have played many of Nottingham’s local venues and festivals, including Dot to Dot, Hockley Hustle, and Riverside. After 3 years of writing, rehearsing and performing to hundreds of people across the city, it was time to finally record the entire live catalogue from the band  for their debut album.

Sonderlust decided to release ‘Hummingbird‘ in June 2020 as a single, and a first look into their upcoming album. 

Hummingbird is an incredibly dynamic ballad with contrasting melodic sections and captivating instruments that create a big sound when performed live. In order to capture this experience for each listener, it was important that the recording method accommodated this, which is why the foundations of the song were performed live by the drummer (Cameron Worne) and guitarist (James Hughes), without using a metronome. We found this to be the most effective way to capture the raw emotion and power behind the song with the intent that the songwriters felt. 

Using the live drums as a guide, bass guitar (George Posnett) and electric guitar (James Hughes) parts were recorded on top. This method of recording without a metronome often works well for songs that feel unnatural when played to a constant tempo, especially for bands who are used to performing their songs live.

When it came to recording vocals (Elee Smith), the different lead and backing parts were carefully layered and recorded separately to ensure that the performance was captured with precision and clarity.

Once recordings of each individual part was complete, editing and mixing of the track began to shape the direction of the overall song, which draws influence from 30 Seconds of Mars ‘Kings & Queens’ and Palace ‘Heaven Up There’. The song was sent to the band before mastering, to discuss any changes they wanted to make and an opportunity for feedback with the overall mix. After the revisions were complete and the band were happy with the result, Hummingbird was sent to Mount Street Studios for mastering, then had a independent digital release managed by Sonderlust.

In the first few days of its release, Hummingbird has been played by many listeners located across the UK (Nottingham, London, Liverpool) and reached listeners in France & Canada. 

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  1. Hummingbird 5:50