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Welcome to Summerhouse Recording Studios, a Nottingham based home recording studio helping musicians capture their creative sound through high-quality music production. Founded by multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer, Cameron Worne, Summerhouse Recording Studios is a liberating space, facilitating musicians of all experience and skill levels and designed for a comfortable recording experience unlike anywhere else.

Whether you’re looking to record a single instrument, get your songs mixed, or produce a full-length album from the ground up, Summerhouse Recording Studios provides incredible results for artists on both a personal and professional level. We value passionate musicians who love what they do and are motivated to accomplish their goals which is why we embrace being part of the process in helping you achieve your vision as an artist. 

If you’re a passionate musician looking to bring your sound to life, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with no obligation for us to best understand your project and see whether we would be a good fit. Please visit our contact page for more information. 


What our clients say

The atmosphere is just fantastic, I’ve never felt more relaxed during the recording process and he’s always positively critical and encouraging – never seeming bored or disinterested behind some giant desk while you churn outtakes.

Jimi Mack

After going to larger, bigger budget studios in the past, we much prefer Cameron’s studio as it provides a more laid-back approach, taking pressure off rushing the recording process which sometimes ends up with an unsatisfying outcome

Cameron Harris – Sancho Panza

Can’t thank him enough for his hard work and helping us out with recording our album and would advise any bands looking to get their songs recorded to do so with Cam, you’ll thank yourself later!

Tom Richards – Soft Boys & Girls Club

At Summerhouse Recording Studios, we have housed some incredible talent and are proud to deliver a comfortable recording experience unlike anywhere else. To find out whether we can help you capture your creative sound, get in touch with us today.

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