Here at Summerhouse Recording Studios, we provide a professional quality recording service designed to capture the most accurate vision of each artist’s sound. Using industry standard recording studio equipment and software, we are able to track your recording with precision and accuracy. Whether you are looking to record the softest vocal melodies or the heaviest guitar tones, we are able to facilitate a range of different styles at our home recording studio. 

Our studio is a liberating space featuring a range of instruments for you to use at your disposal, such as: vintage acoustic drums, high-end guitars, quality amplifiers and an acoustic piano. We also have connections with a range of skilled session musicians, happy to accompany each artist with their desired style and selection of songs. 

I’ve found Cam’s approach to tracking guitars particularly effective, as recording guitars for me can sometimes be a tedious process, which he managed to make a fun and relaxed experience. He is very patient which is an important quality as the last thing you want to feel when recording is rushed to get the best take as quickly as possible.” 
Soft Boys & Girls Club

  • Male musician recording bass at summerhouse recording studios
  • Male musician recording guitar at summerhouse recording studios


Our mixing process is tailored to each artist’s taste and genre, to achieve a coherent professional sound that feels right. We focus on delivering a mix that ensures each unique part perfectly compliments the desired sound of the track as a whole, and delivers the right energy and clarity to the listener. Here at Summerhouse Recording Studios, we have worked with a range of artists, covering genres such as folk, indie, rock, and jazz – allowing us to understand the importance of each element within various soundscapes.

“Cameron made great suggestions to translate the sound from my head, to a track where that sound could be shared with others. Professional techniques combined with using reference tracks made for an easy process.”
James Hughes 

Music Production

From start to finish, we will support you through the creative music production process. Whether you’re starting with a concept or a full-fledged plan of action, we can help advise with everything from songwriting to musical arrangement and direction. Here at Summerhouse Recording Studios, we  nurture creativity to allow you the opportunity to explore and experiment with your skills, and refine your overall sound.

When it comes to Mastering, we can provide this in-house, however we recommend using a specialist mastering engineer to ensure your music translates well into all listening environments and suitable for online streaming and physical distribution. Depending on your project and budget we have several contacts and are happy to manage this for you, if you do not have your own preferred mastering engineer.

Cam immediately made me feel at ease and was very open to the ideas I had, whilst also helping parts to grow and come together. He is very knowledgeable about how to get the best sound and has got beautiful sounds from my voice, guitar and cello (which is often tricky to record and mix).
Alice Robbins

  • two male musicians playing piano and singing at summerhouse recording studios